Gout And Athletic Endurance

A statistical study relating gout with exercise. This study gives some pointers about improving gout diet, exercise, and fitness, as these are associated with lower risks of gout. As with all statistical investigations into gout diet, it is important to measure any changes that you make by frequent blood tests for uric acid levels. Statistics give pointers, but only accurate measurement of your own uric acid levels will tell you if you are safe from gout.

This is particularly important when considering exercise, because failure to maintain uric acid in the blood at 5mg/dL (0.30mmol/L), or below, will increase your risks of joint damage – the last thing you want if you want to continue exercising.

Effects of diet, physical activity and performance, and body weight on incident gout in ostensibly healthy, vigorously active men.
Paul T Williams.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 87, No. 5, 1480-1487, May 2008.