I am reorganizing the Gout Diet section by moving all the detailed nutritional information to a separate food and health website. This should reduce some confusion regarding certain aspects of the role that food plays in managing gout.

Under the old scheme, I used the “gout food to avoid” label to refer to acidic foods, but this led to confusion on two counts.

  • Confusion between an acid-alkaline balanced diet and uric acid.
  • Confusion about avoiding all acid forming foods.

Under the new scheme, I will use the “gout food to avoid” label to refer to excess calories. These are always bad for gout because excess calories leads to excess body tissue – the main source of uric acid. Excess calories also leads to excess weight, which adds to the load on gout-ridden joints.

Although food is not as important to gout as many people believe, there is always a case for good nutrition. Many gout sufferers have other health conditions that can be improved by diet. Particularly common amongst gout sufferers are:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

Planning a good diet should always start with an assessment of current nutrition, hence my decision to develop a separate nutrition and health website.

What Is Your Gout Food To Avoid?

Avoid Excess Calories with Gout photo
What is your gout food to avoid?

It is early days for my healthy recipes website, but I started it with the acid-alkaline tables from this site. I have replaced them here with the lists that are included in my gout diet menu guidelines.

Nutrition planning is easier when food and drink are categorized into different groups. However, the food groups that I used in my original tables did not really help gout sufferers.

Before I explain food groups that matter most to gout sufferers, I must remind you of the importance of planning when you want to improve your gout diet. You will never know which gout foods to avoid unless you have a:

  1. Reliable gout diagnosis
  2. Good gout management plan
  3. Clear assessment of your current diet
  4. Complete understanding of ALL diet changes you need to avoid gout

I explain all important aspects of gout and food in my Gout Diet guidelines. The food groups that are most concern to gout sufferers are:

  • Calories
  • Iron
  • Animal purines
  • Unhealthy food additives

Also, too much or too little of any food can be bad for gout, so avoid feasting and fasting. The most important food group to avoid is excess calories. I explain this in my Gout Foods To Avoid guidelines.

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