Does Joint Inflammation and Numbness Always Mean Gout?

During my review of Painful, Swollen Or Tingling Joints? See These Signs And Symptoms Of Gout, I noticed that the related conditions page was still in the old format. I have reformatted that page, first published before 2008.

Joint Inflammation and Numbness

Joint inflammation and numbness are classic signs of gout, but they are also symptoms of other conditions.

Left untreated, gout can lead to other painful conditions, commonly osteoarthritis and kidney stones.

But how do you know if you really have gout? How do you know that your treatment is making you better, and avoid problems with side effects?

It is these complexities that make me recommend that you should always see a doctor about your gout, preferably a rheumatologist.

Gout related conditions

Some conditions are related because they are frequently confused with gout. These include pseudo gout and septic arthritis. Both these conditions produce painful, swollen joints. Occasionally, they can exist at the same time as gout.

Joint inflammation and numbness is often due to different forms of arthritis, of which gout is only one.

Other conditions that often exist with gout include heart disease and hypertension. This is probably not a direct link, but more likely to be a consequence of poor diet.

Finally, there are several neurological conditions related to gout. Some neurological problems are a direct result of gout. Others are related to drug side effects. Personally, I have experienced back pain that I am certain was caused by prolonged limping, causing me to alter my posture.

As you can see, gout is a complicated disease.If you experience joint inflammation, numbness or tingling, see a rheumatologist to get the right diagnosis, and the right treatment.

Read more about joint inflammation and numbness in the Gout Symptoms section and the Signs And Symptoms Of Gout article.

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