Alkaline Foods For Gout Sufferers

Many gout sufferers seek alkaline foods for gout, but few understand why.

For a few years, I have included charts of acid and alkaline foods on this website.

These can be useful to gout patients, especially those at risk of forming kidney stones. New scientific research suggests that alkaline foods can improve uric acid excretion.

Alkaline Foods For Gout

Medical research shows that we can alkalize the body through balancing intake of acid forming and alkaline forming foods. But in the real world, people misunderstand how to measure this. Also, we suffer bad marketing practices of many people who seek financial gain.

There is a massive amount of misinformation about alkalizing diets on the Internet. Then some people mistakenly believe that alkalizing the body can neutralize uric acid. Though there is the possibility of reducing uric acid, it is not a neutralizing process. As you can see in Is Alkaline Diet uricosuric? However, uric acid lowering aside, there may be other benefits from alkaline foods for gout sufferers.

Alkaline Foods For Gout Science

As some nutrients are eaten, they have an effect on pH values in the kidneys. This is unrelated to the pH of the foods eaten, as it is the result of various chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. The complete explanation is beyond the scope of this website, but the important measurement is a value known as Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL).

PRAL is a precise calculation of 5 nutrient values in food. But it is not an exact measure. Because it is a shortcut measure to assess the effect of foods on the pH of the body. So the exact effects can be measured by testing the pH of urine. But PRAL values make it easy for us to make the right choices about foods in our diet. Then we can improve the alkalinity of our urine.

PRAL Foods For Gout

Potential Renal Acid Load experiments show that PRAL is a reliable approximation of the pH effect of foods. It is calculated from:

0.49 Protein + 0.037 Phosphorus
– 0.021 Potassium – 0.026 Magnesium – 0.013 Calcium

Acid forming foods have positive PRAL values, and alkaline forming foods have negative values. For adequate nutrition, it is important to choose a combination of foods with positive and negative PRAL values. You need some acid forming foods, but you must balance these with sufficient alkaline forming foods. Your overall target total will depend on exactly what you are trying to achieve.

For gout, an alkalizing diet reduces the chances of kidney stones forming, and helps to dissolve them if they form. Remer and colleagues note:

daily PRAL levels [around zero (i.e. total positive values approximately equal to total negative values] usually lead to 24-h urine pH values that clearly exceed a level of 6.0, and they may thus prevent the precipitation of uric acid and cystine stones in predisposed patients

It is also important to drink plenty of water to flush the dissolved salts from the kidneys.

Which alkaline foods do you choose to help your gout?

Your Alkaline Foods For Gout

Now you understand how PRAL works, why not put it to practical use and make better food choices from High Alkaline Foods for Gout. If you need personal help making better food choices for your gout, please share your favorite foods in the gout forum, and I will help you find recipes for gout your friendly foods.

Or, if you want more information about how alkaline foods affect gout, see other Alkalizing Gout Diet Menu Guidelines.

Leave Alkaline Foods For Gout to browse the Alkalizing Gout Diet Menu Guidelines.

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