I looked at famous people with gout a long time ago.

This was part of a “gout entertainment” section where I looked at humor and other interesting aspects of gout.

I got as far as introducing Alfred Lord Tennyson, but the project seemed to take more time than it was worth. Certainly, except for one or two enthusiastic gout sufferers, there seemed to be little interest, and I stopped working on the project.

As part of my website reorganization, I am going to republish the old pages in this new format. At the same time, I will share my list of famous people with gout. If you want to add to this, or want me to do some more research, let me know in the gout forum.

Famous People With Gout List

Person Occupation Date Of Birth Died Famous for
Ansel Adams Photographer 20 February 1902 22 April 1984 Yosemite photographer
Alexander the Great Royalty Jul-356 BC 10-Jun-323 BC World conqueror
Georges d’Amboise Religion 30 December 1903 25-May-1510 Prime Minister under Louis XII
Queen Anne Royalty 6-Feb-1665 1-Aug-1714 Queen of England, 1702-14
Benedict Arnold Military 14-Jan-1741 14-Jun-1801 Betrayed colonists to British
William Waldorf Astor Publisher 31-Mar-1848 18 October 1919 The Observer
Sir Joseph Banks Botanist 13-Feb-1743 19-Jun-1820 Accompanied James Cook
Ludwig van Beethoven Composer 17-Dec-1770 26-Mar-1827 Prominent composer
Georges Boulanger Military 29-Apr-1837 30-Sep-1891 French general-turned-politician
William Boyce Composer 7-Feb-1710 7-Feb-1779 Cathedral Music
Ford Madox Brown Painter 16-Apr-1821 6-Oct-1893 English historical painter
Sir Richard Burton Explorer 19-Mar-1821 20-Oct-1890 Translated The Arabian Nights
John Calvin Religion 10-Jul-1509 27-May-1564 French Protestant Reformation
Girolamo Cardano Doctor 24-Sep-1501 21-Sep-1576 De Subtilitate
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione Painter 23-Mar-1609 5-May-1664 Italian pastoral painter
Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh Politician 18-Jun-1769 12-Aug-1822 Architected Napoleon’s defeat
William Cecil Government 13-Sep-1520 5-Aug-1598 Closest advisor to Elizabeth I
Neville Chamberlain Politician 18-Mar-1869 09 November 1940 Architect of appeasement
Charlemagne Royalty c. 747 AD 28-Jan-814 AD Holy Roman Emperor
Dick Cheney Politician 30 January 1941 Dubya’s VP, ex-CEO of Halliburton
Lord Clarendon Government 18-Feb-1609 9-Dec-1674 The Clarendon Code
Pope Clement XII Religion 7-Apr-1652 6-Feb-1740 Roman Catholic Pope, 1730-40
Grover Cleveland Head of State 18-Mar-1837 24 June 1908 22nd & 24th US President, 1885-89 & 1893-97
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poet 21-Oct-1772 25-Jul-1834 Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Wilkie Collins Novelist 8-Jan-1824 23-Dec-1889 The Moonstone
Christopher Columbus Explorer 21 December 1903 20-May-1506 Rediscovered the New World
William Congreve Playwright 24-Jan-1670 19-Jan-1729 The Way of the World
Leonardo Da Vinci Artist 15-Apr-1452 2-May-1519 Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
Erasmus Darwin Naturalist 12-Dec-1731 18-Apr-1802 English naturalist, very bad poet
Charles-François Daubigny Painter 15-Feb-1817 19-Feb-1878 French painter of landscapes, ducks
Daniel Defoe Author Sep-1660 24-Apr-1731 Robinson Crusoe
John Demjanjuk Criminal 03 April 1920 Retired auto worker convicted for Nazi past
Charles Dickens Novelist 7-Feb-1812 9-Jun-1870 Oliver Twist
Rudolf Diesel Inventor 18-Mar-1858 30 September 1913 Inventor of the diesel engine
Benjamin Disraeli Head of State 21-Dec-1804 19-Apr-1881 UK Prime Minister, 1874-80
John Donne Poet 20 April 1904 31-Mar-1631 Anniversaries
John Dryden Poet 19-Aug-1631 1-May-1700 Absalom and Achitophel
Allen W. Dulles Spy 7-Apr-1893 29 January 1969 CIA Director, 1953-61
William Pitt the Elder Head of State 15-Nov-1708 11-May-1778 Seven Years War
Quintus Ennius Poet c. 239 BC c. 170 BC Founder of Roman literature
Henry Fielding Novelist 22-Apr-1707 8-Oct-1754 Tom Jones
Charles James Fox Politician 24-Jan-1749 13-Sep-1806 U.K.’s first Foreign Secretary
Benjamin Franklin Diplomat 17-Jan-1706 17-Apr-1790 American founding father
Frederick the Great Royalty 24-Jan-1712 17-Aug-1786 King of Prussia 1740-86
Galileo Galilei Astronomer 15-Feb-1564 8-Jan-1642 Copernican observational astronomer
King George IV Royalty 12-Aug-1762 26-Jun-1830 King of England 1820-30
Edward Gibbon Historian 8-May-1737 16-Jan-1794 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Goethe Author 28-Aug-1749 22-Mar-1832 Most influential German writer
Thomas Gray Poet 26-Dec-1716 30-Jul-1771 An Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard
William Grayson Politician 01 October 1904 12-Mar-1790 US Senator from Virginia, 1789-90
Alec Guinness Actor 02 April 1914 05 August 2000 Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars
Alexander Hamilton Government 11-Jan-1757 12-Jul-1804 Primary author of The Federalist Papers
Sir William Rowan Hamilton Mathematician 3-Aug-1805 2-Sep-1865 Inventor of Quaternions
John Hancock Politician 23-Jan-1737 8-Oct-1793 First signer of the Declaration of Independence
William Harvey Doctor 1-Apr-1578 3-Jun-1657 Discovered circulation of blood
King Henry VIII Royalty 28-Jun-1491 28-Jan-1547 King of England, 1509-47
Hermann Hesse Author 2-Jul-1877 09 August 1962 Siddhartha
Pope Honorius IV Religion c. 1210 3-Apr-1287 Roman Catholic Pope, 1285-87
John Hunter Doctor 13-Feb-1728 16-Oct-1793 English pathologist
Thomas Jefferson Head of State 13-Apr-1743 4-Jul-1826 3rd US President, 1801-09
Samuel Johnson Lexicographer 18-Sep-1709 13-Dec-1784 A Dictionary of the English Language
Pope Julius III Religion 10-Sep-1487 23-Mar-1555 Roman Catholic Pope, 1550-55
Kublai Khan Royalty 23-Sep-1215 18-Feb-1294 Mongol Emperor, 1260-71
Nicolas Louis de Lacaille Astronomer 15-May-1713 21-Mar-1762 Coelum Australe Stelliferum
Gottfried Leibniz Mathematician 1-Jul-1646 14-Nov-1716 Co-Inventor of calculus
Jared Leto Actor 26 December 1971 Harry in Requiem for a Dream
Carolus Linnaeus Botanist 23-May-1707 10-Jan-1778 Created a taxonomy of the species
Louis XVIII Royalty 17-Nov-1755 16-Sep-1824 King of France, 1814-15 & 1815-24
Lucian Author 120 AD c. 180 AD Dialogues of the Dead
Karl Marx Economist 5-May-1818 14-Mar-1883 Das Kapital, Communist Manifesto
George Mason Politician 11-Dec-1725 7-Oct-1792 Drafted Virginia’s Bill of Rights
Matthias Corvinus Royalty 24-Feb-1443 6-Apr-1490 King of Hungary, 1458-90
Cosimo de Medici Government 27-Sep-1389 1-Aug-1464 Uncrowned king of Florence
Michelangelo Sculptor 6-Mar-1475 18-Feb-1564 Renaissance sculptor and painter
John Milton Poet 9-Dec-1608 8-Nov-1674 Paradise Lost
Gouverneur Morris Politician 31-Jan-1752 6-Nov-1816 American financier, Revolutionary politician
Pablo Neruda Poet 12 July 1904 23 September 1973 Residencia en la Tierra
Isaac Newton Physicist 4-Jan-1643 31-Mar-1727 Father of the clockwork universe
Nostradamus Paranormal 14-Dec-1503 1-Jul-1566 Notoriously ambiguous prophet
Laurence Olivier Actor 22 May 1907 11 July 1989 Shakespearean actor
Lord Palmerston Head of State 20-Oct-1784 18-Oct-1865 Twice Prime Minister of UK
Colonel Tom Parker Business 26 June 1909 21 January 1997 Elvis Presley’s manager
George Peabody Business 18-Feb-1795 4-Nov-1869 American businessman, philanthropist
Albert Pike Military 29-Dec-1809 2-Apr-1891 Confederate general, Freemason
Pope Pius II Religion 18-Oct-1405 14-Aug-1464 Roman Catholic Pope, 1458-64
Pope Pius III Religion 9-May-1439 18-Oct-1503 Roman Catholic Pope, 1503
Auguste Renoir Painter 25-Feb-1841 03 December 1919 Le Bal au Moulin de la Galette
François de la Rochefoucauld Author 15-Sep-1613 16-Mar-1680 Maxims
Peter Paul Rubens Painter 28-Jun-1577 30-May-1640 Flemish baroque painter
Philip Schuyler Military 11-Nov-1733 18-Nov-1804 US Revolutionary War general
Winfield Scott Military 13-Jun-1786 29-May-1866 US Army general, Mexican campaign 1847
Pope Sergius II Religion ? 27-Jan-847 AD Roman Catholic Pope, 844-47
Septimius Severus Royalty 11-Apr-146 AD 4-Feb-211 AD Roman Emperor, 193-211 AD
William Shenstone Poet 18-Nov-1714 11-Feb-1763 The Schoolmistress
Josias Simmler Author 29 March 1904 24 April 1904 De Alpibus Commentarius
Sitting Bull Military c. 1831 15-Dec-1890 Warrior Chief of the Sioux
Sydney Smith Religion 3-Jun-1771 22-Feb-1845 Instigated the Edinburgh Review
Gilbert Stuart Painter 3-Dec-1755 9-Jul-1828 American portrait painter
Thomas Sydenham Doctor 13-Sep-1624 29-Dec-1689 The English Hippocrates
Richard L. M. Synge Chemist 28 October 1914 18 August 1994 Partition chromatography
William Howard Taft Head of State 15-Sep-1857 08 March 1930 27th US President, 1909-13
Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet 6-Aug-1809 6-Oct-1892 The Charge of the Light Brigade
Dylan Thomas Poet 27 October 1914 09 November 1953 Most influential Welsh poet
Martin Van Buren Head of State 5-Dec-1782 24-Jul-1862 8th US President, 1837-41
Queen Victoria Royalty 24-May-1819 22 January 1901 Longest-reigning British monarch
Horace Walpole Author 24-Sep-1717 2-Mar-1797 Wrote the first Gothic novel
William Warburton Religion 24-Dec-1698 7-Jun-1779 Divine Legation
Harry Warren Composer 24-Dec-1893 22 September 1981 Forty-Second Street
Anthony Wayne Military 1-Jan-1745 15-Dec-1796 Revolutionary War general
David Wells Baseball 20 May 1963 MLB pitcher, wrote Perfect I’m Not
Early Wynn Baseball 06 January 1920 04 April 1999 MLB Hall of Famer

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