Tophi Photographs

These tophi photographs show how disfiguring these lumps of uric acid crystals can be. They do not really show the damage that can be done when tophi burst through the skin. Nor do they show the damage to other tissues when they attack kidneys, heart, and all other organs. You can learn more about all aspects of uric acid crystal deposits in my tophi guidelines.

The tophi photographs show here depict tophi in typical locations that are easily visible. We see Feet Tophi, Thumb Tophi, Tophi In The Fingers, and tophi in the ears.

These photographs show how disfiguring tophi can be, but they do not show the damage that tophi can cause. Even if you are not in immediate pain, tophi will eventually grow to the point where they cause painful damage to joints and organs. This is easily avoided by controlling uric acid so that it never rises above 5mg/dL. If you are not convinced, please see more facts about these lumps of uric acid crystals in my Tophi Guidelines.

You don’t have to be a Gout Victim! So, get treatment for gout to remove tophi before you suffer like this.

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