This explains some things to think about if you are considering a TENS unit for gout.

First, you must realize that any gout pain therapy is only a temporary measure. Because gout pain will keep returning until you control uric acid levels. Second, you must realize that TENS machines are a recognized pain treatment. But there are no studies or guidelines for using TENS units for gout pain. However, professional advisers with TENS experience will be able to advise you about placement issues. So be sure to discuss exactly where you experience pain. Also seek further advice as gout pain moves around your body.

TENS Unit Placement for Gout Purpose

To support the Purpose of this article explains the points you need to discuss with a professional adviser. Unless your doctor has relevant knowledge, you should ask to be referred to a specialist.

I’ve categorized TENS units in the Student Plan. Because this is a form of pain relief that you can incorporate into any gout treatment plan. But if you’re new to GoutPal Plans, start with Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Treating Gout with TENS Pain Relief Machines

A big advantage of TENS pain relief machines for gout sufferers is that they do not interfere with the body chemistry in any significant way. This is very important if you are trying to balance uric acid.

What are TENS Pain Relief Machines?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, meaning that a small electrical charge stimulates the nervous system through the skin. For more details see TENS Machine For Gout Relief.

The unit is a small portable device that attaches to a belt.
It delivers the electrical charge through one or more thin wires connected to pads that adhere to the outside of the skin.

The charge is harmless, but TENS pain relief machines should not be used by patients with pacemakers. Nor should they be used in conjunction with any other form of monitoring device, as they might interfere with the results.

How does TENS Pain Relief Work?

TENS units work mainly on the nervous system to block pain messages.
They can also promote the production of endorphins – the bodies own pain relief substance.

The units come with instructions to help position the pads to suit the particular pain you are experiencing.

You will usually need to try slight variations when positioning the pads to get the best pain relief.

Most importantly – Do They Work?

Everyone’s perception of pain is different, and so is the experience of TENS units for pain relief. Many people swear by them, others find they have little or no effect. My advice is to try and borrow or hire a unit from a local medical establishment (clinic, doctor, hospital etc) to see if it suits you before buying one.

My own experience was that I found little relief from the gout pain which was mainly in my knees and ankles when I tried a TENS pain relief machine (luckily borrowed from a friend). However, due to my hobbling and limping I developed lower back pain, and I found the TENS unit very effective for that. I’m certain that this has a lot to do with the complexities of the nervous system. Finding the right nerves to stimulate was, for me, a tiresome, trial and error process, requiring more patience than I had when I was in agony. Perhaps a consultation with a specialist, rather than borrowing a machine, would have been a better idea.

TENS Placement Complicated in Gout
Good places for TENS depend on how your gout moves.

Is a TENS unit good for Your Gout?

If you’ve had gout for more than a few months, you know that gout flares move from one joint to another. So don’t expect to find a single placement for TENS unit electrodes. Instead, consult your TENS unit support specialist if you cannot find the right place for TENS gout pain relief.

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