Tophi On Fingers Image

This photograph shows a right index finger and right foot that have been disfigured by gouty tophi bursting through the skin. This stage of gouty arthritis, referred to as tophaceous gout, should never occur if gout is managed properly. It happens after years of untreated high uric acid.

It is supplied by a contributor to the gout forum, who hopes it might prompt fellow gout sufferers into taking action before this happens. He also notes:

However, I am not bearing the whole blame by myself. I also blame the medical industry for not more rigorously cautioning, warning, treating me.

Get treatment for gout to remove tophi before your fingers look like this!

Leave Tophi On Fingers to read 5 Ways Uric Acid Is Dangerously Painful.

This image has been identified as potentially offensive. So I have replaced it in the original article with a warning sign.

However, I believe shocking gout images help Gout Victims realize the dangers of failing to treat high uric acid. So I’ve moved all similar images to Shocking Gout Images.

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