Recently, I replaced Keith’s Learners with a new list for people who want to learn more about gout and how to manage it. So GoutPal Learners is now up and running with my first learning news announcement going out today.

As this is an announcement, I won’t include a formal Purpose Statement. Because it’s purpose is simply a heads up for some impending gout learning news.

Here is a quick summary of what you can expect to read.

Start Learning with GoutPal Content

My first newsletter is longer than I intend them to be in future. Because I’ve got a lot of news and plans to share. With a few secret hints just for GoutPal Learners.

GoutPal Learning News

  • New GoutPal starting page emphasizing the importance of learning.
  • GoutPal Care Services pre-launch update.
  • Free public GoutPal Forum support continues to be as important as new paid private mentoring services.
  • What you need before you start learning with GoutPal.
  • How to use Keith’s personal gout notes for your personal gout recovery.
  • Priority email channel for gout learning information.

GoutPal Learning Plans

I must start by saying that some of the plans that I announce might never actually happen. Because if there’s no interest in my suggestions, I tend to move on with projects that have real live contributors. Having said that, if you want to be the first to know what I’m working on, you have to be on the GoutPal Learners list.

  • New index to help returning readers follow their next steps to gout recovery.
  • Complete learning plans for each type of gout sufferer.
  • Priority email channel for paid services pre-sales information.

GoutPal Learning Secrets

  • First draft of a new starting page for GoutPal. Which reinforces my principle of making my research notes available to GoutPal Learners in advance of publication.
  • Hint of a daily gout diet planner

So as well as seeing what’s coming up. You have a chance to influence GoutPal content before I publish it.

Start Your Learning with GoutPal

All you can do now is subscribe to GoutPal Learners and wait for the first newsletter.

Then if you have any questions, you have access to the priority gout learning channel. But if you need to learn how to start managing your gout now, ask in the gout forum.

Note that the priority email address is for questions about how to use my free and paid services. Or for details of GoutPal Learning features and benefits. So that includes how to get private support by email or in the GoutPal Learning App. But for free support about personal gout issues, you must use the gout forum.

GoutPal Care Service Announcement

GoutPal Care is a collection of new and upgraded services which I will launch during 2020. I will announce changes first in my GoutPal Learners list. Including exclusive pre-launch offers. So join GoutPal Learners now.

No Charge.
GoutPal Learners subscription is free. Although it does include no-obligation offers for paid services.
100% Safety Guaranteed.
Your email address is safe - I will never share it with anyone else.
No Commitment.
Every GoutPal Learners email ends with an Unsubscribe link. So, you can stop Learner News whenever you like. Then, rejoin whenever you like. You are in control.

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