Can Gout Kill You?

Can Gout Kill You is my review of fatalities from excess uric acid. Also what you can do to prevent gout from killing you.

Can Gout Kill You Audience

Gout sufferers often complain “gout pain is killing me”. By which they mean the intense pain from gout flares makes you feel like dying. But however bad gout pain gets, that pain will not kill you. So if you need to stop the pain, you should leave now to read How do I stop Gout Pain?. Because this article is about fatal effects of untreated excess uric acid.

People typically ask “Can gout kill you” if they are looking for an excuse not to treat uric acid. Or maybe you are trying to convince a gout sufferer that getting uric acid safe is important. I see people who refuse to get their uric acid safe as Gout Victims. So I hope that gout victims will choose one of the other plans to recover from gout permanently. You can see these other plans at Questions for Gout Sufferers. But for now, let me explain how gout can kill you from excess uric acid.

Can Gout Kill You?

The answer to “Can Gout Kill You?” is a resounding “Yes!” So, I’m going to summarize a new report that highlights various ways that gout leads to death. But you might also want to see some specific examples at Is Fatal Gout Killing You?

Then, after my review, you can see how to stop gout killing you.

How Gout Can Kill You

A new report explains several ways that gout can kill you[1]. The report explains many aspects of gout, including why and how gout sufferers should control uric acid. But I’m going to focus on the “associated comorbidities” section. That is diseases that are linked to gout.

Overall, some evidence collected in experimental and epidemiological studies supports the association between increased sUA and gout with the development of cardiovascular (CV), renal and metabolic disease.

So we see a general link to heart disease and kidney disease. Together with the more general metabolic syndrome. However, the report does not include specific fatality rates associated with these diseases. Yet we can immediately see that gout is associated with higher risk of death.

increased Uric Acid can induce vascular and tissue damage through multiple pathophysiologic mechanisms, such as endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress, vasoconstriction, and stimulation of renin-angiotensin system. These processes act at the kidney level, within arterioles and tubular cells, as well as at the systemic vasculature and tissue level causing hypertension, atherosclerosis, and myocardial dysfunction.

Now we see how uric acid attacks multiple parts of vital organs. So kidney damage from gout affects our heart and arteries leading to heart failure.

How Can Gout Kill You?

How to Stop Gout Killing You

Fortunately, uric acid is easy to control. So you should decide if you will control gout with drugs, herbs, or diet. Then follow the appropriate plan for gout recovery.

Obviously, most doctors and rheumatologists prefer the pharma route. So the report concludes with Ten Gout Commandments for a medical setting. However, this is beyond the scope of this article. So I will produce an article that explains their suggestions soon.

In the meantime, you can discuss how to stop gout killing you.

Can Gout Kill You References

  1. Scirè, Carlo Alberto, Cristina Rossi, Leonardo Punzi, Augusto Genderini, Claudio Borghi, and Walter Grassi. “Change gout: how to deal with this ‘silently-developing killer’in everyday clinical practice.” Current medical research and opinion just-accepted (2018): 1-12. Silently-Developing Killer Gout PDF.

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