Almonds and Almond Milk For Gout

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Almond Milk Purine Content

Firstly, almond milk is a plant-based food. So research tells us it is highly unlikely that vegetable purines raise uric acid[1].

Secondly, almonds only contain 37 mg/100 g purines[2]. As such, they are a very low purine food (less than 50 mg purines per 100 gm). Depending on recipe, 100 grams almonds will produce up to 1 liter (4 cups) of almond milk. Such recipes also produce filtered almond solids that do not form part of the milk. Unfortunately, there is no published data for the purine content of almond milk. However, we can deduce that less than 100 per cent of purines will leach into the milk. So almond milk purine content is insignificant.

Almond Milk and Uric Acid

GoutPal Foodies tend to focus on purine content of certain foods. Whereas GoutPal Dieters focus on how their overall eating patterns affect their uric acid blood test results. So dieters consider uric acid excretion as well as purine consumption.

To that end, we know that alkaline foods encourage uric acid excretion[3]. Though almonds, like most common nuts, are slightly acidic[4]. Almond milk (per 100 calories) is very alkaline[5]. Therefore, almond milk will encourage uric acid excretion. Though the overall effect on uric acid blood test results will vary between different gout sufferers. So you should discuss this with your doctor before trying almond milk. In particular, consider uric acid excretion rate tests.

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