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Milk For Gout Diet Image is my featured image for Where Is Milk In Your Diet For Gout?

A chart comparing the 10% increase in uric acid after drinking soy milk, with the 10% decrease after drinking skim milk. This is an excellent addition to your gout diet.

But do not think it is the only thing you need. A 10% decrease in uric acid is fine, but is it enough? What if you need a 30-40% reduction? You cannot simply keep increasing your milk intake because this will lead to an unhealthy diet. Do not focus just on milk – you need to consider your entire diet.

Please remember that no single individual food is important. You (or your nutritionist) should check the Gout Diet Section to fully understand the part that food and drink play in the treatment of gout). If you need help with this or any other aspect of gout, please ask in the gout forum.

This simple chart is taken from the data in my report on milk for gout investigations. Please read Where Is Milk In Your Diet For Gout? for more information.

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