Natural Treatment For High Uric Acid

When gout sufferers seek gout cures, the nearest thing they will find are treatments to reduce high uric acid. Most gout sufferers cannot cure gout, so the next best thing is to control uric acid. By making uric acid safe, we can control gout completely. As long as the treatment continues, we are safe from gout – if not cured, at least, controlled.

The medical solution to this is usually allopurinol, or more recently, Uloric (febuxostat). Personally, I owe my gout freedom to daily allopurinol. I know that this keeps my uric acid at a safe level. In fact, at the time of writing, I am keeping uric acid down to 2 or 3 mg/dL in order to dissolve existing uric acid crystals as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many gout patients do not want to commit to daily medication for life, so they seek natural treatment for high uric acid.

How To Treat Uric Acid Naturally

Before I discuss ways of treating uric acid naturally, I must emphasize that this has nothing to do with immediate gout pain relief. It is a medical fact that treatments for high uric acid can provoke gout attacks during the early months of treatment. This is not a bad thing – it is a sign that old uric acid crystals are dissolving. You can treat the pain, which is only temporary if you are in control of your uric acid. However, you must monitor uric acid levels to be certain that your treatment is effective. It is impossible to distinguish between the pain of uric acid crystals forming, and the pain of uric acid crystals dissolving.

Ideally, you will get uric acid tests from your doctor each month. If this is inconvenient, you can get your own uric acid test kit to use at home. However you do it, you must check uric acid every month when you start treatment. Once your levels stabilize, you can reduce the testing frequency, but never less than once per year.

There are several natural products that reduce high uric acid. Before I continue how to treat uric acid naturally, I must explain the importance of target setting.

When treating high uric acid, with natural products or with pharmaceuticals, you must set targets for your uric acid level, then treat to target. Treat to target means adjusting the dosage, or type of treatment so that you achieve your target. Pharmaceutical treatments are easy to control in this way – just increase the dose. Natural products are harder, but you can usually achieve your target with natural uric acid lowering products combined with dietary improvements. If you are struggling to reach your target, members of the gout forum will always try to help you.

The absolute maximum target for uric acid is 6mg/dL. It is better to aim for 5mg/dL, as this gives a safety margin to cover natural fluctuations in uric acid. For the first year of treatment, especially if you have left uric acid untreated for a long time, you should aim lower. Old uric acid crystals dissolve faster at lower uric acid levels.

Finally, it comes to choosing your natural treatment for high uric acid. There are several options, which I describe in my gout treatment guidelines. In gout treatment guidelines, I describe the differences between natural products that inhibit production of uric acid, and those that help excrete more uric acid.

PURIXA: Natural Treatment For High Uric Acid
PURIXA: Natural Treatment For High Uric Acid
PURIXA is a blend of several natural products that treat high uric acid in both ways. Some of the ingredients inhibit uric acid production. Others encourage your kidneys to excrete more uric acid. You can buy PURIXA from Amazon.com by clicking the advert on the right. This gives your best chance of treating high uric acid naturally, but be sure to check that you achieve your target – failure to keep uric acid below 6 means your gout will get worse.

Natural Treatment For High Uric Acid: Next Steps

If you need help achieving 5mg/dL with PURIXA, or if you wish to share your experiences, please join the gout support forum.

You can read more about natural treatment for high uric acid in the gout cures guidelines.

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