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Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate

Just a few short weeks into my Gout Store project, and I’ve hit controversy with Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate.

Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate Background

This gout store is designed to be a meeting place for suppliers and gout sufferers. Gout sufferers can explain what they want, and can share their experiences of gout products. Suppliers can promote their wares, and get feedback from genuine gout sufferers rather than professional reviewers.

At the moment, these discussions will take place in the Gout Store Forum. Ultimately, good contributors will be invited to join here. To get the ball rolling, I am creating some product profiles based on what gout sufferers buy through the product links on my GoutPal websites.

I should point out that I cannot trace who buys what, nor would I want to. All purchases through GoutPal are strictly anonymous. All I see each month is a list of products that have been sold. From these I receive a small commission. That does not affect the price you pay, but it helps me to provide free information on my websites, a free gout support forum, and more support services in the pipeline.

I am adamant that the products and services must be good quality, and must be promoted in ways that do not exploit buyers. I may not buy all these products myself, but I am happy to promote ethical products that other gout sufferers find helpful.

These early reviews are prompted when a GoutPal visitor has bought the product, and I then gather information from published sources. This particular review is prompted by a recent sale of Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate 16 oz through one of my links.

Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate Review

Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate 16 oz Photograph
Customer photograph of Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate 16 oz
This is a review of Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate 16 oz from The same product is sold by as Natural Sources, 100% Black Cherry Concentrate (Unsweetened), 16 fl oz.

Amazon sell many products that are shipped by third parties. This is not a problem – your purchase is covered by Amazon, and they will refund you according to their terms and conditions. I mention this because the third party supplier, VitaCost, also run their own website, where this product is sold at the same price. The VitaCost page for Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate — 16 fl oz shows full product information with nutrition facts. Or does it? Descriptions on that page refer to elderberry juice, so is that information all wrong?

Regular reader will know that, when I include reviews from Amazon, I usually include good and bad reviews. This gives you a more complete picture than good reviews alone, giving you a better chance to decide if the product will suit you or not. I was drawn to one bad review, prompted by my own worries about the product description. I have concerns about this product, but no real conclusion. I will present what I have been able to determine. Hopefully the suppliers involved will clarify matters.

Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate Claims

As I mentioned, the VitaCost website information is doubtful but it is all I have to go on for the moment, so I will base my findings on that.

100% Black Cherry Concentrate
The VitaCost website and make this claim, but a photograph of the product label on the website refutes this, as many other fruit juices and other additives are listed. I’m no legal expert, but this sounds misleading to me.
good source of iron
This claim is made in the product description, but product information from VitaCost, and the customer photograph show zero iron. Now, extra iron is bad for gout sufferers, but we need truthful descriptions so we can make correct choices.
Sodium content
The customer photograph on both Amazon websites shows 10mg Sodium per serving, yet the VitaCost information shows none. There are other discrepancies, and again, we need truthful nutritional information to make correct choices.

Natural Sources Black Cherry Concentrate: Next Steps

If you use cherry juice for gout, there are many choices available. As well as concentrate, there are extracts in tablet form, and never forget fresh cherries when in season. I recommend you choose a different cherry product. I cannot personally recommend one, as I do not regularly buy cherry juice for gout. However, if you want other opinions, please ask in the Gout Store Forum.

I will continue to add reliable cherry products for gout sufferers, and you can see these by clicking the Cherry Juice For Gout tags link below.

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