Gouty Search Hints

I update GoutPal regularly with new gouty arthritis information. This reflects changes in best practice, as well as news about developments in diagnosing and treating gout. Many articles are a direct result of interesting questions and discussion in the gout forum.

All this leads to a growing website, with articles on most aspects of gout, written for different reasons.

Though I am always looking at ways to improve navigating the website, the best way to find relevant gout information is to use the search boxes. I include a search box near the top, and near the end, of every page. The results include relevant gouty information from all my GoutPal websites.

Gouty Search Hints

Search For Similar Gouty Pages

Near the end of most pages, I add a search box and relevant search topics. You can copy some or all of the search phrase into the search box to find more information related to what you have just read. You might find the format a little unusual at first, but I format it this way to make it easier to copy. E.g.:


This means show all pages about allopurinol OR colchicine.

There are many ways to copy it into the search box, but the easiest way is to triple-click anywhere on the line. This highlights all the search phrase, and you can simply drag it into the search box, then click the search button.

You can also use similar techniques to copy any part of the article into the search box – very useful for finding explanations of medical terms.

Gouty Question Searches

If you have a question about the information you have read, enter it into the search box. The results may well answer your question immediately. If not, they usually give relevant information that helps you a little so that you can then make your questions more specific.

Restricting Gouty Search Results

Sometimes, you just want to see results from part of the GoutPal websites. For instance, if you are looking for facts and reference material, you may want to see results from GoutPal.com. If you want to see what questions people are asking about gout, you may want to see results from the Gout Forum only.

For this type of restricted search, format your search to include a site restriction. Examples of these are:

GoutPal.com only
site:goutpal.com your search words
Gout Forums only
site:goutpal.net/forums/ your search words

Search Beyond GoutPal

You can use my search page to search for anything on the Internet. This might be for gout information from other websites, but there are no restrictions. After all your searches, there is a box to search the entire Internet. You can easily find it by clicking the Search button in the menu above, or follow this link: http://www.goutpal.com/the-gout/#fullsearch

It’s a great idea to bookmark that link, and then you can search at the click of a button from anywhere.

Gouty Search Hints: Next Steps

Use the search boxes whenever you want to find gouty information or answer gouty questions. You can practice on the box below.

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If you are asking a gout question, you must ask in the gout forum.
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