How To Find Gout And Uric Acid Information

Finding Gout And Uric Acid Information

With a growing amount of information about gout and uric acid, indexing becomes more important to help you find the information that is most relevant to you.

Gout And Uric Acid Indexing

There are several indexes available now, and I am building more through 2012.

Subject Section Gout And Uric Acid Indexing

The main index pages are divided by subject, and are accessed via the Gout Index in the main menu.
Other categories are listed on the following pages:

Gout Index Page Main Content Page
Help My Gout Now Index Help My Gout Now Start Page
Gout Treatments, Cures & Remedies Index Gout Treatments, Cures & Remedies Start Page
Gout Symptoms, Causes, & Diagnosis Index Gout Symptoms, Causes, & Diagnosis Start Page
Gout Diet, Food, Drink, & Lifestyle Index Gout Diet, Food, Drink, & Lifestyle Start Page
Gout Related Index Gout Related Start Page
Uric Acid & Gout Information Index Uric Acid & Gout Information Start Page
UDRP1: Uric Acid Index UDRP1: Uric Acid Start Page
UDRP2: Urate Deposits Index UDRP2: Urate Deposits Start Page

Alphabetic Gout And Uric Acid Indexing

I am working on alphabetic indexing now.

Personal Relevance Gout And Uric Acid Indexing

This is the main indexing project for 2012.

I am looking at why people visit GoutPal with a view to standardizing the various aspirations of my visitors. This allows pages to be flagged with their suitability for a particular aspiration. For example, if you are looking to lower uric acid, then previous visitors who have the same aspiration can recommend the most suitable information that has helped them.

Progress of this indexing project now rests with you. I have recently introduced the Gout And Uric Acid Status project. Please vote for the statements about gout and uric acid that most match your aspirations. If you have other gout-related aspirations, please add them as answers. and if you can think of better wording for any of the statements, please add your comments. Also, remember to vote up the question if you think this project is a good idea.

Other Gout And Uric Acid Navigation Tools

In addition to the indexes, there are several existing ways to find information, with more planned for 2012.

Gout And Uric Acid Menus

The box menu near the top of most pages gives lists of Top Level Sections, Best Gout And Uric Acid Pages, Similar/Related Topics, and pages within the Same Section.

During 2012, these will move to a menubar that will stay at the top of the screen. This is an extended version of the menubar at GoutPal Interactive. I will also add menus for Favorite pages and Recommended pages.

Searching Gout And Uric Acid Information

I have saved the best (in my opinion) until last. The final way to find information is to use the search box at the top of every screen.

Find more gout and uric acid resources

Change Gout And Uric Acid in the box above
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You can also use it here:

Please note that, whilst this search box is specifically to search GoutPal pages, you can use the Full Search to find any pages on the Internet. Please bookmark that link and use it to replace your current search tool.

Gout And Uric Acid Navigation: Next Steps

I am always interested in improving the methods for finding gout and uric acid. If you have a favorite way, or any other thoughts on the topic, please share in the gout forum.
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