Thumb Gout Crystals

Thumb Gout Crystals Photograph

Thumb gout crystals occur when gouty tophi grow on the thumb. Not painful at first, they can grow to burst through skin. See the thumb gout crystal photograph.

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Thumb Gout Crystals is my featured image for Thumb Tophi.

The following is take from the article in which this photograph appeared.

This white lesion on the thumb of a 70-year-old man is surrounded by erythema. Analysis of fluid extracted after the lesion was lanced revealed negatively birefringent urate crystals, which confirmed a diagnosis of gout. Results of blood tests showed a serum uric acid level of 8.5 mg/dL (normal, 3.5 to 7.2 mg/dL). Monoarthritis is the classic presentation of gout (70%); polyarthritis is seen occasionally; nonarticulation sites, as seen in this case, are involved only rarely.

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Thumb Gout Crystals Photograph Details

Photo courtesy of Doug Davenport and Samuel G. Poser, MD

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