Famous People With Gout

I looked at famous people with gout a long time ago.

This was part of a “gout entertainment” section where I looked at humor and other interesting aspects of gout.

I got as far as introducing Alfred Lord Tennyson, but the project seemed to take more time than it was worth. Certainly, except for one or two enthusiastic gout sufferers, there seemed to be little interest, and I stopped working on the project.

As part of my website reorganization, I am going to republish the old pages in this new format. At the same time, I will share my list of famous people with gout. If you want to add to this, or want me to do some more research, let me know in the gout forum. Please click to browse the list of Famous People With Gout

Diet For Gout Sufferers: Food Tables

For people planning a diet for gout sufferers, my nutrition tables have been very useful.

It is essential that a gout diet is planned in entirety, starting with an analysis of existing food and drink intake. From this, it is possible to find strengths and weaknesses and create a plan for gradual changes so that diet can be improved without sudden changes. This helps avoid sudden changes in uric acid that can trigger a gout attack.

However, my nutrition tables have been added in a piecemeal fashion over the years, and fall short of the comprehensive guide to improving diet for gout sufferers that I wish to present. During my current phase of reorganizing and improving this gouty arthritis website, I will start the process of providing better gout diet information. This is a long-term project, that will start with some simplified tables over the next week or so, and end with a separate website for analyzing and monitoring your complete gout diet.

Diet For Gout Sufferers: New Food Tables

My new food tables will condense data from existing PRAL and purine tables, and add some much-needed data on iron content. For now, I will retain the split by USDA food group, but part of my gout diet project will be to provide better grouping, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or meat & fish, fruit & veg etc.

You can see the list of tables below, but first let me explain some key points about using the tables.

  • The tables are still based on nutrition values per 100g. This does not suit many foods such as condiments, sweeteners, etc, but it is fairly easy to divide the table values for smaller portions, or multiply them for larger portions.
  • The tables present exact values, but seasonal variations and cooking methods will cause the values to change, so treat the numbers as a guideline, not a precise measuring tool.
  • I will move the existing tables to a new website, which will become the focus for new nutrition tools. I will be heavily influenced by your feedback and your interest in these new tools, so please support my new food diary project.
  • The tables work best when used to analyze your existing diet and to help choose between two or more food choices. They should not be used to find foods to avoid, or to find foods to eat exclusively. This can lead to a very restricted food range, which is not usually good for you, as it can lead to a shortage of some essential nutrients. You should read Sensible Gout Diet Restrictions before looking at any of these food tables.

Click to read important nutrition values for gout diets

Uric Acid Crystal Pictures

Uric Acid

Each uric acid crystal is microscopic.

You never get to see them, let alone watch them get beaten.

Now you can.

EULAR (EUropean League Against Rheumatism) has produced 6 still images of a uric acid crystal meeting a white blood cell.

I used 4 of these pictures in the image showing on the right. See a full size version of my uric acid crystal graphic below

You can see more images below, but first let me explain some very important points revealed by these pictures.

Continue reading Uric Acid Crystals Pictures

Gout Natural Remedies

Today, I began my quest for gout natural remedies, to bring the Gout Home Remedy Research pages up-to-date, as part of the Gout Treatment section makeover.

It surprises me how many natural products contain substances that can lower uric acid. However, I must emphasize that these are all very experimental, and are often only at the animal testing stage (or not even that).

I have to admit, I nearly fell at the first hurdle when I read

N-substituted cyclic imides of phthalimide, 2,3-dihydrohalazine-1,4-dione, and diphenimide were shown to reduce the serum uric acid levels in normal and hyperuric mice at 20 mg/kg/day I.P. for 14 days.

I have no idea what substituted cyclic imides are or where I can find them, and the abstract[1] I read gave no answers. However, it did give me some pointers to investigations of products I do understand – flavonoids, cassia oil, and orange juice. Continue reading Gout Natural Remedies