How Long does Gout last in Big Toe?

How Long does Gout last in Big Toe looks at gout duration in the big toe. Also, I compare this with gout duration in other parts of the body. But, more importantly, what can we do to reduce gout duration?

Gout in Big Toe Audience

I wrote How Long does Gout last in Big Toe for gout sufferers who want to understand gout pain in different joints. In particular, you will be interested in ways to reduce the length of gout attacks. But, in this article, I am not looking at gout medications that reduce pain. So, if you are looking for gout pain medications, please search using the gout search box near the top of each page.

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How Do Urate Crystals Stop Gout Forever?

Urate crystals are the cause of gout. So how can we expect them to stop gout?
New science just confirmed an old idea. Because we need a new view of gout, to stop it forever.

Urate Crystals Stop Gout Audience

I wrote How Do Urate Crystals Stop Gout Forever for all gout sufferers who are confused about what gout is. Because gout has a poor reputation for understanding, and for control.

So, if you are happily progressing towards Gout Freedom with a safe recovery plan, you do not need to read this. Instead, you should focus on stopping your own gout forever. But if you feel lost or unwary about how you can stop your gout, now’s the time for a fresh look. Because a new study by leading rheumatologists has finally realized a fundamental truth about gout. That is: to stop gout forever, we need a new look at urate crystals.

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Are Almonds Good For Gout Foodies?

Are Almonds Good For Gout looks at how almonds can lower uric acid. But, if you do not eat almonds right they can be bad for gout.

Are Almonds Good For Gout Audience

I wrote Are Almonds Good For Gout for Gout Foodies. That is gout sufferers who want to eat the right foods for their gout. But Gout Foodies don’t have a good gout foundation diet. Because to eat almonds the right way, you need a healthy start. Then you can adjust your eating plan with almonds to lower uric acid.

If you do not know which type of gout sufferer you are, start at Questions for Gout Sufferers. But, GoutPal helps all gout sufferers. So if you want personal help without worrying about your Gout Sufferer Type, read on.

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Why Gout Patients Need GoutPal#1 – Doctor Dispute

Gout Doctor Dispute is my first in an occasional series explaining why gout patients need GoutPal. So, in this article, I explain how rheumatologists and physicians disagree about gout treatment. Then I explain how GoutPal can guide you through this dispute towards full Gout Recovery.

Gout Doctor Dispute Audience

I wrote Gout Doctor Dispute for gout patients who want to improve the relationship with their doctor. Because I know from my forum that many gout patients disagree with, or misunderstand, their doctor’s advice about gout. So, my initial review of new professional guidance should create a better platform for doctors and gout patients to work together.

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Gout Foods: Figs and Gout

Figs and gout is the 88th topic in the top gout searches series, described in Gout and You. Figs are a delicious food, often associated with an alkalizing gout diet menu. Before I discuss that, I need to clarify a specific link between figs and gout.

Some time ago, when reviewing how morin is helpful to gout sufferers, I started trying to find the best food sources for morin. I have some useful news about morin, but I cannot find anything meaningful about food sources. Though many gout studies associate morin with figs, those that do reveal sources always refer to extracts from mulberry bark. There are one or two studies into morin extracts from fig leaves, but nothing so far about the fruit. I believe the confusion may arise because mulberry and fig belong to the same plant group. Indeed the wide range of plants in the Moraceae family are often called the fig family or mulberry family. I will stop associating fig fruit with morin unless I find real evidence that it is a useful source. I will report the morin news separately. Meanwhile, back to figs…

Dried figs are often viewed as highly alkalizing. This is one of the dangers of comparing foods based on 100g portion sizes. Nobody eats 100 grams of dried figs. This was one reason why all my recent tables are based on 100 calories servings. It is still not perfect, as many beverages and spices produce outrageously large portion sizes. However, energy based portions are easier to compare than weight based portions.

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Any Hope For Gout Joint Damage?

In Any Hope For Gout Joint Damage, I explain how joints damaged by gout might be impossible to repair. Above all, I warn against allowing gout to damage your joints. Because gout joint damage is much easier to prevent than repair.

Gout Joint Damage Audience

I wrote Gout Joint Damage for Gout Victims. Because gout sufferers who do not control excess uric acid suffer needlessly. So, I want you to understand the dangers of untreated excess uric acid. If you want to know more about your gout sufferer type, read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

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Ouch! Why does Gout Recovery hurt?

This Gout Recovery article explains pain during uric acid lowering. In particular, I explain why you get gout pain in new places during gout recovery.

Gout Recovery Audience

I wrote Ouch! Why does Gout Recovery hurt? for all gout sufferers who want to lower their uric acid. To clarify, that’s all the types of gout sufferer I identify in Questions for Gout Sufferers, except Gout Victims. But, Gout Victims should also read this. Or else they’ll die.

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