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Who is Your Gout Mentor?

Who is Your Gout Mentor is aimed at all gout sufferers. Especially, those who want more help than they get from their doctor. It explains how to get structured, step-by-step help for your gout problems.

Gout can be complicated. Many studies show that gout patients recover quicker when they have a mentor. Gout Mentors help you understand gout and plan your recovery. Then, they support you during your treatment, helping you to keep gout recovery on track. First, I will explain what a Gout Mentor is.

What is a Gout Mentor?

If you are in a hurry, I strongly recommend that you start with the Gout Mentor summary.

A gout mentor has three main qualities:

  • Gout Mentors know more about gout than you.
  • Gout Mentors want to help you learn about your gout.
  • Gout Mentors want you to control your gout better.

As I hinted in the introduction, your best gout mentor is your doctor. But, the fact you are reading this gives a hint that you don’t get all the support you need. That’s OK. If you want, you can take the facts that you read on GoutPal. Then, go and ask your doctor about them. Personally, I think that is the best thing you can do. However, I can still help you, if you want more information than your doctor can give you.

Your Gout Mentor Choices

Your choice of Gout Mentor is between your doctor, yourself, or GoutPal. But, life is never that straightforward. Your needs change from week to week. You can move between different mentors whenever you like. So, don’t think of this as a permanent choice. Simply choose the type of help you need, whenever you need it:

1. Your doctor.
This choice of Gout Mentor is your doctor, or appropriate health professional. My complete guide to working with your gout doctor is coming soon. Here is a short summary of how GoutPal can help you and your doctor:
Print pages from GoutPal, and discuss them with your doctor. This is especially important where my pages encourage you to discuss things with your Gout Mentor. You cannot control gout if you don’t understand it properly. You must discuss choices, or facts, that you don’t understand. Keep a notepad, smartphone, or whatever suits you, for taking personal notes. If your doctor mentions something that you don’t understand, search for it on GoutPal. There’s a search box near the top-right of every page. Is your doctor your choice of Gout Mentor? If so, start searching, or click interesting links, now.
2. Yourself.
This choice of Gout Mentor is you. Self-help allows you to learn at a speed that suits you, and it is completely private. My complete guide to helping yourself with your gout is coming soon. Here is a short summary of how GoutPal can help you help yourself:
Use whatever note-taking style you prefer to organize GoutPal facts in a way that suits you. For some of my guidelines, I will suggest ways of organizing your notes. I do this where it’s helped other gout sufferers in similar situations to you. I’m currently organizing these notes to help you find them. They start at Questions for Gout Sufferers. Bookmark that page, and keep returning to it. Are you mentoring yourself as you learn about gout? If so, check your Gout Group, or start searching, now.
3. GoutPal Gout Learning Services.
This choice of Gout Mentor is me, or another GoutPal Member. My complete guide to GoutPal Mentoring Services is coming soon. Here is a short summary of how GoutPal can help you:
I can give you personal help based on true experiences of a fellow gout sufferer. This is a free public service. You will have to explain your situation so that I can provide appropriate help.

For casual questions, you can ask in the gout forum whenever you like. You can have your own personal GoutPal Gout Diary to store your gout facts, test results, and other useful information. I recommend structured and managed learning courses. These give you step-by-step plans and therapies to solve your specific gout problems. Learning courses are only available to GoutPal members who maintain a GoutPal Gout Diary.

The rest of this page is for people who want a GoutPal Gout Mentor. If you choose either of the first two options, I recommend that you continue to browse this website as I suggested. Always remember to use the search box at the top-right of each page to find gout information that is relevant to you. If you change your mind, you can get a GoutPal Gout Mentor in future. You can ask for a mentor whenever you like. You can stop using my Gout Learning Services whenever you like. It’s your call.

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Who will be your Gout Mentor?

Who is Your Gout Mentor?

You have read your introduction to GoutPal Gout Learning Services. You have learned that you can use these services whenever you like, without obligation. There are 2 key points that you should understand:

  1. You can choose 1 of 3 different Gout Mentors. If you cannot decide, ask for help. Ask for help in private, from your doctor, or other appropriate health professional. Ask for help in public, in the gout forum.
  2. If you opt for a GoutPal Gout Mentor, you can start a GoutPal Gout Diary, whenever you like. If you do not understand GoutPal Mentoring Services, ask for help in the gout forum.

If you haven’t left this page by now, you want a GoutPal Gout Mentor. To get a Mentor now, start your Personal Gout Diary. Then, make sure one of your important questions, or goals, is about a Gout Mentor.

Always remember, if you are unsure what to do next, ask in the gout forum.

Choose your mentor to help your gout.
Tell your Gout Mentor when to help you out.

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TL;DR - Who is Your Gout Mentor?

This page applies to all gout sufferers who need a Gout Mentor.

You decide how quickly you want to learn. To start structured learning with a GoutPal Gout Mentor, start your Personal Gout Diary when you are ready.
You can get casual gout help at anytime. Just ask in GoutPal's Gout Forum.
Choose your mentor to help your gout.
Tell your Gout Mentor when to help you out.
Find more (see gouty search hints for guidance).

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