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Pain Freedom Or Gout Freedom?

I invite you to follow me to Gout Freedom, and get rid of gout pain.Gout Freedom is the place where you are free from gout pain, and free from the fear of it’s return.

There are many ways to find the path to Gout Freedom that suits you, but is it where you want to go?

I mention being free from the fear of returning gout. That is Gout Freedom, where uric acid is at a safe level, you check it every year to ensure it stays safe, and you stop worrying about gout. Actually, you might stop worrying about your own gout, and start worrying about the gout of other humans, in which case, join me in the gout forums and help others get rid of their gout.

There is an important stop-off point – Pain Freedom, or to give it it’s full official place name: Gout Pain Freedom.

Pain Freedom is a delightful stopover where you can live a normal life with full mobility. You cannot stay there forever without your pass from Gout Freedom, but you can be free from pain for many months. I arrived at Pain Freedom in my mid forties, and did not leave until my early fifties. That was far too long, and I put myself in unnecessary danger. Please set yourself a time limit for your journey to Gout Freedom. One or two years is OK, but my seventeen year journey was far too long – in this case you really must do as I say, not as I do.

If you are in a dark, miserable, place where gout pain is getting worse, and everything you try seems to fail, then you would be quite right to say “Just give me Pain Freedom, I’ll worry about Gout Freedom later.”

I reply “Good idea – stop dithering, and get on with it!”

As I said in the forum today, whilst talking about one of many gout remedies for pain relief:

… reduce the time to pain freedom from days to hours, but is that fast enough? If not, your doctor or pharmacist should advise a pain-blocker that is compatible with your NSAID and colchicine. Listen to the voice of experience – it is 2012 and you do not have to suffer pain from gout. Combination gout remedies for pain relief work great [as a] freedom-from-pain package.

How To Get To Gout Pain Freedom

Get rid of Gout Pain photo
Pain Freedom can be a hard place to find, so make sure you look in the right direction:

Where Is Gout Pain Freedom?

Inflammation is key. Pain Freedom is just past Inflammation Freedom. Understand it – gout is inflammation in your joints.

Infection in a wound causes inflammation that hurts. Uric acid crystals in a joint causes inflammation that hurts. Your immune system is your friend, saving you from invaders. Friends can hurt you sometimes, especially if you ignore them.

Where Is Inflammation Freedom?

Colcrys (colchicine) stops inflammation getting worse. Very rarely, it takes you straight to Pain Freedom, but usually, colchicine points the way to Inflammation Freedom, a few short days journey.

Antibiotics kill infections, so we do not need to interfere with our immune system, just kill the invader that is upsetting it. Uric acid crystals never had a life, so we cannot kill them. Let’s calm the immune system down, and stop it tearing itself in half. Colchicine will do that, but did we take it early enough? Taken at the first twinge, colchicine might be enough, but if our old friends, the White Blood Cells, went on the rampage, it might take a few days to calm them down. That WBC team throw a scary party.

How To Get To Inflammation Freedom

Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce inflammation. When you find Inflammation Freedom, Pain Freedom is a few hours away.

We’ve called on Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (the NSAID team) to go and round up WBC team. NSAIDs, such as naproxen, know where to find WBCs. They’ll have them home soon, and we can get to Pain Freedom.

Are we there yet?

Want Pain Freedom now? Take a pain blocker. Now you have arrived – Pain Freedom is a wonderful place, so enjoy your stay.

Whilst inflammation is hanging around, our brains still get pain signals. There are many ways to deal with this pain. Often simply knowing it will soon be gone, is enough. If you need to be pain free immediately, then simply alternate the NSAIDs with a safe companion. I will not recommend anything, but your pharmacist will. Just make sure you say exactly what meds you are taking when you ask. Everything is important, including herbal remedies and supplements, and any allergies. Please be careful with this.Your pharmacist needs to know everything to ensure your combination of gout remedies is safe for you. Don’t be embarrassed about that special mix that’s supposed to reduce your compulsive reliance on reading gout websites. Pharmacists have heard it all before.

Where Next For Gout Pain Freedom?

You’ve done it! You’ve found Pain Freedom, but it is not yet Gout Freedom.

When you are ready, we will tackle the uric acid crystals that caused the upset. They are still lurking around and growing in number. They know that you can beat them when they go for the WBCs. But, they also know that you cannot keep relying on NSAIDs. They know, they are slowly eating their way through your tendons, cartilage , and bone. Are you going to let them win?

We know we can get rid of crippling uric acid crystals. Permanently.

When we get rid of uric acid crystals we get rid of gout.

Please join me when you are ready, and we will complete the journey to Gout Freedom. It’s nice to share experiences, opinions, and questions along the way, so please feel free to chat in the gout forums.

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