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Chacun à son goût – Each To Their Gout?

I first published the following article about the individuality of gout in my first newsletter back in November 2006. You may have noticed a lack of GoutCaster issues recently – they simply take more time to write than I have available. If you have some free time, and would like to consider writing an issue, please contact me on the GoutPal Contact Form.

I have learned a lot about gout in the intervening years, and some of the references to causes and triggers are a little out-dated now, but the principle “To Each Their Gout” remains true. In a perfect world, I would not have bothered with the “joke” based on the French for bread being pain, but life is not perfect.

Chacun à son goût – Each To Their Gout?

Does it bug you that pages about ‘Chacun à son goût’ turn up every time you search for information about gout. It used to bug me until I saw the relevance.

Chacun à son goût Pain

I used to wonder why all that French stuff used to keep turning up. Then I remembered from school: goût is a French word. Search engines and other information resources are not yet bright enough to see the accent. OK, so I understand why it’s happening, but it’s still a pain (French for bread, hence the pic – sorry!) to have to scan and ignore. Definitely not to my taste.

To Each His Own

Yesterday, I was looking for information about gout triggers, and scanned past another French reference. ‘Chacun à son goût’ …. to each his own … blah blah blah. Skip it.

Wait a minute. Everyone has different gout triggers. To each his own. Connection. We are looking for a key to coping with gout. This could be our motto. But let’s refine it.


‘Chacun à son goût’ expresses individuality.

Chacun means each or everyone. We are all different, yet all the same. All gout sufferers. Each with a different mix of triggers.

Goût means taste. It suggests choice, but we don’t choose gout. Or perhaps, through lifestyle choices, we do. We can certainly choose how we deal with it.


When I was first diagnosed with gout, I was given two choices. “Take allopurinol daily for the rest of your life, or deal with the pain when it occurs.” I started researching gout and found many other choices. I researched those and found more choices. I started getting messages from readers – more choices.

I see now that we have many choices of treatments. I also know that there are many different things that can trigger a gout attack. We can also choose how we avoid these.

Your Gout

[The details about Your Gout are not relevant now. If you want to discuss your gout experiences, or ask questions, please use the gout forum.]

‘Chacun à son goût’

I hope you’ll see how gout affects people differently. And how people deal with it differently.

What works for one person might not help you. The more you understand about gout and different triggers and treatments, the easier it becomes for you to find something that works for you. When you find that something, share your experience, and maybe you’ll help someone with their gout.

Gout is a common disease, but you will see how individual it can be.

To Each Their Gout.

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