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The Best Diet For Gout Page Just Got Better

I was self-critical in my recent article about a low purine diet for gout.

I have fixed that now, but I need to ask you a favor.

Before the favor, let me do a quick review of where I stand on the diet for gout issue

I know there are some excellent gout recipe books around. I say excellent, because I have a weakness for recipe books. To be honest, I have a weakness for food, so drooling over recipe books is my low-calorie alternative to filling my face.

Unfortunately, the book browsing soon turns to cupboard browsing, but that is not the issue here.

Diet for gout recipe books are a distraction.

They stop you from understanding the real issues. They stop you from realizing that the best diet for gout is what you eat now – tweaked a little to replace some of the bad foods with good ones. It is pointless for me, as an outsider, to list good and bad foods. Food can only be good or bad in the context of your entire diet, and in the context of the current phase of your gout treatment plan.

What is bad for one gout sufferer, is OK for another. What is undesirable during the uric acid removal phase of your gout treatment, may be OK during the maintenance phase.

There is no script. If someone tells you you can fix your gout by following a set diet, they are wrong. The only way forward is to assess your own current diet for weaknesses, then correct those weaknesses. Weaknesses are excesses or shortages that do not help your gout treatment. They are personal to you.

The bad side is, you have to do some work to see where you can improve your diet for gout. The good side is, you have the free support of GoutPal, which starts with my new, improved, Diet For Gout page.

Best Diet For Gout: Next Steps

This is the point where I usually advise what to do next, but I’m going to take a liberty, and ask a favor.

During my review of the diet for gout pages, I noticed that a recent software update had ruined the layout of one of my pages. It was still readable, but only just. I hope it was a one-off, and I will continue to review the gout information here, and improve it when I can.

You can help with this, and it will only take a few seconds. If you spot something wrong on a page, please let me know in the Using GoutPal forum. You will be helping me, which is good. Even better, you will be helping the thousands of gout sufferers who visit the page after you.

Together we can make gout diet, and all aspects of gouty arthritis, better for other sufferers.

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