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Best Diet For Gout

What Is The Best Diet For Gout?

Gout sufferers keep asking me what is the best diet for gout.

I have to disappoint them – there is no such thing. We can say that a bad diet will make gout worse, but what can we say about a good diet?

It might help your gout, and it might not. The best diet for gout is the one that helps you.

The idea that gout is caused by diet is wrong. Gout is caused by excess uric acid. There are certain bad eating habits that can cause uric acid to rise. However, this does not mean that you can stop gout just by improving your diet. Gout takes years to get to the point where you notice it.

The uric acid crystals that cause a gout flare up today, might have started growing 5 years ago. Nobody knows exactly how long, but we do know that they can take a long time to dissolve. A good gout diet might start to reverse years of bad eating. But do you really want to continue with years of gout attacks?

No, you need to get uric acid under control immediately, then follow a diet that helps your treatment plan. Your treatment plan has to be personal to you. Therefore the best diet for gout is a personal diet that supports your gout treatment plan.

First, you should read my diet for gout guidelines. I will repeat that link at the end of the page, so you can read my practical tips for planning your personal best diet for gout.

I know there are some excellent gout recipe books around. I say excellent, because I have a weakness for recipe books. Unfortunately, gout diet recipe books can distract you from what is important.

They stop you from understanding the real issues. They stop you from realizing that the best diet for gout is what you enjoy eating – tweaked a little to replace some of the bad foods with good ones. It is pointless for me, as an outsider, to list good and bad foods. Food can only be good or bad in the context of your entire diet, and in the context of the current phase of your gout treatment plan.

What is bad for one gout sufferer, is OK for another. What is undesirable during the uric acid removal phase of your gout treatment, may be OK during the maintenance phase.

There is no script. If someone tells you you can fix your gout by following a set diet, they are wrong. The only way forward is to assess your own current diet for weaknesses, then correct those weaknesses. Weaknesses are excesses or shortages that do not help your gout treatment. They are personal to you.

The bad side is, you have to do some work to see where you can improve your diet for gout. The good side is, you have the free support of GoutPal. You can always get personal help in the gout forums, or on my GoutPal support network, or in the Gout chat room.

Best Diet For Gout: Next Steps

If you want the best diet for gout, start looking first at what you like to eat. If you do not enjoy your diet, you will never stick to it. Read recipe books and find meals that you will enjoy. You are in control of the menu.
Best Diet For Gout - Your Choice photo
Most foods are OK, but you need to avoid excesses. Excess iron, calories, and animal purines will make gout worse. If you think your perfect diet has too much of any of those three, you need to improve it. Use GoutPal support services to help you choose the best foods to get your personal best diet for gout.

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