Ignore Gout Payne

If you are upset today with Charles Payne’s ridiculous outburst on Fox, think again.

You have gout, and that is serious. You might feel at the end of your rope, but I am here to help you, and together we can beat your gout.

But this guy has something far worse – terminal ignorance.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the following news clip:

That’s right! He actually said:

“The very poor in this country do have a lot of programs, a lot of benefits. People aren’t dying in America. You know, in fact, the very poor suffer from gout. In the 1920 and 30s, that was called the rich man’s disease.”

Ignorant, ignorant ignorant.

We have moved forward in the intervening century. We know that gout is largely genetic. So could it not exist amongst the poor people a century ago? Of course it could. It must have done, unless our parents came from space. But who would diagnose it? Who would recognize it?

Fortunately, we have progressed since the early 20th century, or at least some of us have. But it is not too difficult to imagine what health care must have been like for poor people during the Depression. I can’t imagine many sitting in the rheumatologist’s consulting room. I can’t imagine them getting the explanation: “You have an inherited defect in uric acid metabolism so stop worrying you unwittingly ate too much filet mignon!”

I do not understand how anyone who claims a poor background can be so careless and ignorant about welfare issues, but this guy’s moral compass is so skewed, he probably can’t understand it either. Let’s hear a bit more from him (do not click play if you are offended by swearing)

No self control. No appreciation of the value of a varied society. No hope.

It is depressing, but look on the bright side.

You and I can work together to fix your gout pain. This idiot can never stop being the waste of space that is Charles Payne.

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