Which Swollen Joint Has Gout?

In my gout survey (now closed), I ask which swollen joints you suffer with.

Most of you have more than one inflamed joint – the average is two, but many are affected in almost every joint.

I thought the big toe would be highest, but it is just beaten by other parts of the foot.

Gout Survey Results: Joints Affected

These are the results showing which joints are affected by gout.

Joints Affected By Gout

Swollen Joints And Gout

Value Count Percent %
Other part of Foot / Ankle 391 58%
Big Toe 349 52%
Knee 186 28%
Other part of Hand / Wrist 148 22%
Elbow 83 12%
Shoulder 73 11%
Index Finger 64 10%
Back 63 9%

In my survey, I also ask you about other symptoms of gout. Pain is an obvious symptom, but others are common. I have prepared another graph showing tingling swollen hands and other gout symptoms.

Gout Survey Results: Gout Symptoms

Value Count Percent %
Serious Pain 200 70.92%
Redness 176 62.41%
Slight Swelling 133 47.16%
Serious Swelling 131 46.45%
Tingling 110 39.01%
Slight Pain 102 36.17%
Slight Numbness 89 31.56%
Slight Itching 69 24.47%
Serious Numbness 30 10.64%
Serious Itching 19 6.74%

As you can see, gout can affect many joints, with many symptoms – much more complicated than just a swollen big toe. If you have any problems with your joints, GoutPal can help you determine whether or not you have gout. If you have got gout, GoutPal can help you do all you can to reduce the effects of your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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